Tuesday, November 29, 2016

It's a good balance between banter and laughs, and the spiritual side of things! :)

Hello hello!! 
This week was awesome!! It really was a good week! 
However there was a kind of bad ending to it. :/ 
But, I shall carry on with the account of this week! 
Monday was very non Pday like last week. We had a few lessons during 
the day with people that can only meet during the hours of Monday. 
But they are all pretty cool! Had a fun FHE in the 
evening with all the YSA and Denver:) Good times! 

We had a lot of district meetings this week! They had that combined district meeting/interviews with president again, only for Eastwood and Lincoln. Our district now though is probably the best district I've ever had! We have some funny district meetings! It's a good balance between banter and laughs, and also the spiritual side of things!:) It's great! 

Oh man...hahaha! So this week, I was on exchange with Campbell. He gets up one morning and he came downstairs and was just like "It smells like crap down here! What is that??" We had a look around and we found this old curry that was just chillin somewhere in the kitchen!! I then smelled it and quickly found out that this thing was the source of this rancid smell!:P When we unwrapped that thing, let me tell you....I think that was the closest I've ever come to throwing up from a bad smell!! This thing was absolutely disgusting!!! It was a project to clean all that out! Anyways, after we quarantined the flat, the source of problems was destroyed;) haha

You remember those Chinese girls I talked about recently? We saw Stella throughout the week and she's doing alright, but even cooler is her friend Amber who we first met last week! Amber told us that she loved the church and wanted to come back. And she did!! She stayed for the whole duration of church as well and absolutely loved it!:D We're hoping to put her on a baptismal date soon so we shall see where that goes!

Denver is still the legend that he is!:D We are now done teaching him all the lessons so we can now start "expounding the scriptures" upon him;D Yes! He's literally accepted everything...like he's a proper convert! It's so cool:) His baptism is only in two weeks as well! Awesome stuff innit. He's just been chillin with the YSA all the time so it's set.

Now we get to the bad news of the week!! I won't bother building any of this up so we will just get into the juicy details! I got the transfer call:/ I'm heading off to Cheltenham, which is out west kind of on the border of Wales. I'm really bumming about this news! Mainly because they came up with a rule saying that if you want to go visit a baptism of someone you were working with, the limit time for travel is one hour each way. And Cheltenham is more than that!! It such bad news!:( And Nottingham was definitely my favourite area as of now. The zone was awesome, loads of cool people in the zone, work was happening in the zone, the Ward here was awesome. And now I'm off!:/ But hey, it happens I suppose. New challenges, new people, new good times lie ahead!:) I shall let you know how it all goes! Love ya loads!! Speak to ya soon! Wish ma luck:)
Elder Wright

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