Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Man, I love Nottingham! It's a sweet area..I'm hoping I stay here for a while!

Us at the strait and narrow!

Hey what's up guys!! 
Happy Halloween indeed. :) 
Halloween isn't as big over here as it is in the States but it's getting there. 
 There were loads of uni students out walking about one night, all dressed up
and whatnot. Like heaps and heaps...we started blasting gospel music
as we drove past. :D haha! We got some great looks! :P But yeah, this week
was pretty dang good! It's looking like fall as well! 
Man, a good time of year:)

We had loads of exchanges this week!! It was crazy! It's just how it
all worked out, pretty much everyday we had an exchange and/or a work
over. There was a point in the week where we didn't have anyone
else....Turnbow and I just looked at each other and were like "Hey
man, I haven't seen ya in ages! How's life??" Man, I love
Nottingham! It's a sweet area..I'm hoping I stay here for a while! :)

Hey!...we got a baptism scheduled for this coming weekend!! :D His name
is Vlademir!!...and you guessed it!! Yup, he's from.........Angola??
Haha! He actually is from Angola. :P With a name like that you'd think he
was from that barren wasteland we call Russia. But hey! He's pretty
legit!! He was found in June I believe, and missionaries have been
working with him since. He speaks Portuguese so there's a bit of a
language barrier when teaching, but for the most part the guy is
cool!:) And now the baptism is all set!! He keeps talking about how
he's going to be a new man after this and everything. Yay!!:) It's
super exciting! It's cool to see him getting excited for it as well. :)

We taught another guy named Marcel. He's this sweet black guy
that grew up in Nottingham. He's a non-denominational Christian but he
hard core follows the teachings of the Bible. It's super crazy as well
because his views and beliefs are exactly close to the doctrines
in the church. He's a totally normal guy, he doesn't talk to
much, he lets you share stuff and actually does what you ask. It's
great!! The man will be baptized and when he is, he's going to be a
very solid convert. :) Oh man, it's so good!

Life is pretty good right now. :) Turnbow is way cool, got some good
stuff going on. Can't complain really!:) Oh!! I drove for
the first time ever in the UK! I'm now taking driving lessons for my
license (as I take my driving test on Thursday this week...Ahh!!) It
actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! My mindset is well
used to the cars on the left. The only weird thing was when I first
got into the drivers seat, the whole car is to your left rather than
the right. It didn't take long to get used to it though so that's fun!
Pray that I pass!! Ahh:) haha

We had a way fun Pday today! We drove to Lincoln to be with Elders
Mordue and Lewis. They're way fun to be around! When we all get
together we just act super American and redneck! Haha! :P We
went into town and jammed at a music store (as Lewis is a legend
musician), went and checked out Lincoln Cathedral which I supposedly
heard features in Da Vinci Code...if so, that rocks!!

 Other than that, we are just chillin:) 
Seeing as today is Halloween as well, we
have to be indoors from 6 onward. It's kinda nice how it worked out to
be on a Pday:P haha

Well hey, I think that's about it really!:) 
Sure love you all! 
Hope all is well in Zion. 
Talk to yous next week!! 

Elder Wright

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