Wednesday, December 14, 2016

We did a funny skit on "A Christmas Carol"!

Waddup peeps! How you livin?? 
Before I go into my account of the week, I wish to apologize for the use of the words "damn" and "hell" so freely.  I guess it's just a different culture type thing! To be honest I have no ill feelings toward those words in the slightest just because I've been surrounded by it for a while now. But!....I realize it may set some people off and it's not necessarily uplifting, so I wish to apologize. 
Anyways...back to the account. :)

This week was pretty good! 
Things are slowly trying to pick up here in Cheltenham. 
Oops, I'm going to make this account short ish. Running out of time!!   There are a couple people that are cool that we are working with. :) We had a Christmas zone conference with President this week and did a funny skit on "A Christmas Carol"! Oh! Today we went and checked out Gloucester cathedral!! It was pretty awesome! 
Part of the hall was in Harry Potter which was cool to see in person!:) 

I'll show you all pics and whatnot. 

This next week should go alright though! 
I hope all is well for you all. :) 
We shall speak to you all soon! 
Love ya loads!:) 
(Sorry about the crap email this week! Not too much time)
Elder Wright

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