Thursday, December 8, 2016

What up my peeps!! :) I am now in Cheltenham!

What up my peeps!!:) I am now in Cheltenham! 
And, let me tell you....Cheltenham (pronounced Cheltnum) is posh! 
It's a beautiful town, different from any I've served in thus far. 
The architecture is really cool, it's kind of got Roman elements to it all. 
Sandstone, marble, granite, etc. It's awesome!:) 
It's a lot smaller of a town than I expected it to be as well. 
But yeah, it's going alright!

My new companion is Elder Hodge, is from LA California. 
He's pretty cool so far! It's funny because he kind of looks like a homely kid. 
I expected him to be like that, but no!! 
He's way into sports, said he did a ton of surfing back home. :D 
He's got a nice taste in clothes as well. He's a solid kid as far as his 
testimony is so it should be a good time!:) 
Elder Pedersen (Norwegian in my group) is in my district as well. 
It's funny because we've been following each other almost the entire mission!!
 This is the fourth zone we've been in together and the second district we've been in together as well. Our district now is pretty cool! We've got Hodge of course, Pedersen, Barth (New York), Sister Price (Utah), and Sister Prasad (Fiji)!

Oh man, there was something hilarious that happened before I left Nottingham. So Elder Mordue and Elder Turnbow went to get a Chinese meal on exchange with our Chinese friends. Afterwards they went outside and Mordue had his iPad out. They were looking at some funny pics they took during the dinner and out of nowhere this pigeon took a GIANT poo all over his iPad screen!! Hahaha! :P Just as he was holding it, the giant turd came out of nowhere and splattered all over his iPad! :P 
Ah man, funny times!

Transfer day was quite full of travel! We took a coach from Nottingham through Leicester (which was awesome! I got to see my recent convert Callum! He's lined up to receive the priesthood soon!!:)), through Coventry and off to Birmingham. We then stayed at the mission home for a bit until the coaches got ready to leave again. From Birmingham we went straight to Gloucester in the coach! When I got there, I met Elder Hodge, helped some teams with their luggage and whatnot. Then we found out we needed to pick up another missionary at the mission home so we got in the car and drove back to Birmingham to pick up this Elder. We then stopped off in Worcester (pronounced Wuhster) to drop something off. Then drove all the way to Swindon to drop something off. Then off to Yate to drop the Elders off. Then back to Cheltenham for the evening! 
Haha It was quite a day of travels!:)

This area and zone is quite cool! It'll take a bit to get used to, as always when transfers comes. But it should be alright! In our area we have one kind of solid guy so far. His name is Chris! He and I have a lot in common as well, which is boss. :) So, we shall see where it all takes us! Anyways, I believe that's about it! Love ya loads!:) 
Speak to ya soon!

Elder Wright

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