Thursday, January 19, 2017

Waz up people!!:) How you livin??

Waz up people!!:) How you livin?? Things at the moment are pretty good! It was a pretty good week for the zone. Had zone meeting (loads of participation, it was fun!) this week! It was cool to see everyone together!:) But yeah, weather is getting a bit more British lately. Cold, damp, windy, all the above. Yahooo!!;D haha 

Yeah the week was pretty good. We're still trying to build something up over here! Slowly but surely.. Flippin Chris Amini, the eternal investigator, just isn't keeping commitments!:/ Even after a super spiritual lesson, he STILL isn't keeping commitments. So I think it's about time to slow things down with him and move on to others things for now. Hopefully somewhere down the line he will realise how awesome all this is!:) haha 

So amidst the finding of new investigators and whatnot, I'm going to tell ya about a guy named Michael. Haha So Michael we met in the street probs about a week ago. Nice guy! Graduated from Uni with a degree in physics. Went away from the faith through his time in uni, actually kind of attacking religion. Then eventually returned to his former Catholic faith. Kind of a cool story he had to be honest! But we met up in a coffee shop to teach him. Basically he was there trying to persuade us not to believe in the "Mormons".:P He started off "So you guys believe you can become God huh?" Straightaway Winterton and I looked at each other like "Fetch.....not one of these guys." Haha We talked to that man for two and half hours! I've never met anyone that was so PRO Catholicism. Haha But yeah, I feel we did a good job trying our best to teach by the Spirit and defending the faith! It's been a while since I've had that happen:) haha So that was interesting! New investigator and dropped and in the matter of 7 days!;P

Oh's another kinda funny story. So we were in town speaking to people again (it's quite a common thing to do as a missionary;D haha) and we stopped this one guy named Chris. Oh boy... haha So to throw this out there now, to this day we don't know whether this guy is a member, ex communicated member, or nonmember:P Right, so I've had members take the mick outta me before pretending to be non members. They usually get quite the kick out of it! (Heck, I would as well if I were them!) But with this guy, it was like over the top. He knew EVERYTHING about the church. I mean everything....he even flipping know the family history of Lucy Mack Smith. Haha That's how much random stuff about Mormons he knew. The fact that he knew so much, we were like "This guy HAS to be a member!" But he continued and continued to deny it! And he was like subtly throwing anti at us, but at the same time he said he believes the Mormons to be the most correct religion, still not fully correct. He said he would never be baptised either. Like, it was so weird!! Haha And usually when members take the mick, they tell you at the end they were kidding and you have a good laugh.............but not this guy! No!....he just parted ways not saying anything. Afterwards we were just like "What just happened! We honestly thought about this for ages trying to call around and figure out if he was a member. I suppose we shall NEVER know...haha;) You had to be there to fully understand I guess..

So yeah! That's the end of this account:) Love ya guys loads! Hope all is well in Zion!:) Cheerio mates!!

Hey hey!! How's it going friends and family:) This week has been alright for the most part! I have my new comp, Elder Winterton, and it's going good so far! Been out for the same amount of time so that's always fun! So in the district, we now have me, Pedersen still, Elder Lo (from Canada, but originally Hong Kong), and Winterton from Utah. And then of course the sisters who haven't changed this time. It's a pretty fun district! The zone as well just got a lot of cool people into it!:D Last transfer everyone was quite shy, so it made it a bit awkward at things such as zone meeting, Christmas party, etc. But we have zone meeting later this week so that'll be nice to get to know them all.

One thing we've been trying to do now in the mornings is we wake up a little bit earlier and we head over to the Elders and pick them up to go play sports at the chapel:) It helps us wake up and stay awake nicely! Haha So that's something nice to look forward to in the morning:)

One of the goals that me and Winterton set for the coming weeks is that we need to find a certain amount of potentials before we go for lunch, creating I suppose a stronger drive to find more people! One morning we tried it out and I think the Lord was testing us! Haha We went to the centre of Cheltenham and began street contacting. We had a couple of pretty good conversations but no one was too interested in meeting up again. As time went by, we found the lone Chinese guy named Ting. Haha (All we set to find that morning was just two people. Keep that in mind!) But we still needed that last person. You start to get kinda achey from walking around, the stomach is growling. Long story short, after many hours of finding in town, we found the last guy! His name is Michael. He was brought up catholic. Studied physics in University. Said he lost his faith and actually started to kind of banter with the Christian Union at the Uni, using science and logic. Kind of a crazy story!:) haha After a while though, he felt a change and returned back to the faith. So we have set to see him this coming weekend which will be pretty cool:) It was just cool to be able to push and push and then finally receive what we were aiming for!

We also found a cool new guy from Bulgaria! His name is Shener, super nice Muslim guy:) Like honestly, Muslims can be some of the most generous and caring people I've ever met. Anyways, it took a while for us to finally be able to teach him. He works loads at this car wash place in town so he's almost never in. But after weeks and weeks, we FINALLY caught him at a good time!:D He let us into his home and we were able to get to know him more. Shared a brief message about the Restoration as well so it was awesome! :) We are going to see him tomorrow again. We are slowly slowly building up our teaching pool. Blessings from the heavens!:) haha 

Overall it was a pretty good week:) I'm looking forward to the new transfer and new year! Can't believe how fast time is going. It's blowing my mind. I was thinking about it, I now have less time left than the duration of my time in Chelmsley Wood:o Whoa... better get to work and stay focused!! Haha Love ya loads:) Cheers mates. 

Elder Wright

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