Monday, February 6, 2017

"It's not how many pieces of fruit you pick, it's how many seeds you plant."

Waz up!! ''Twas a pretty good week this last week! 
We started implementing the new missionary schedule and key indicators. It's quite nice to be honest!:) The change has been nice for sure! Weather has been on and off lately. Haha Who knew! We went to the top of the Malvern Hills today and there was a COLD breeze up there! But, it was absolutely beautiful:D Supposedly it is where Wilford Woodruff dedicated the area of the mission back in the day! 

We found a really cool little family that were starting to teach! We tracted into the mother a few weeks back. They have a 12 week old baby, and the father is from Romania. (She's English) They're way cool!:) We implemented this thing called The Holy Ghost Principle, which basically just uses "How To Begin Teaching" in PMG and focuses it on a Spirit centred first lesson. They understood everything we were talking about and were way excited to learn more! And, just an added bonus, the father just happens to be the head chef of one of our favourite burrito shacks in town!! Yes!!! Hahaha;D 

One day, we got an invite from the Elders to play football at the local University with one of their investigators! It was way fun!! We played in a cage with a bunch of Uni students and check this out, you remember when I mentioned Jun last week, the guy who came to church. Well he just happens to be here playing football with these guys!! Haha It was great:) Sometimes in the mission, you get those occasional moments where you realize what you're doing and how epic it is. This day was one of them. When I was playing, I thought to myself  "I'm here in England playing football with a group of lads from all over the world. Ya got kids from England, Pakistan, Norway, Australia, Korea, China, Japan, and Canada. This is so cool!!" Haha I absolutely love it. That's one of my favourite things about England. It's just a cultural melting pot:)

Speaking of Jun, we have some sad news. He was a complete legend! He was learning and loving it and then he called us up one day saying he was leaving back to Korea. :/ We had one last meeting with him. We met him in the KFC. Taught him loads about the BoM, even gave him a Korean BoM. But, turns out the Korean was old Korean so he couldn't really read it that well. But, we showed him where the church in Korea is so hopefully when he goes back, maybe he will get in contact with missionaries over there. Who knows! But yeah, he told us that it was really important for him to meet with us before he left. We were the only Christian friends he knew in the UK!:o He gave us some Korean spice sauce as a departing gift;D haha Planting seeds baby. "It's not how many pieces of fruit you pick, it's how many seeds you plant."

I've got some big news for ya!! On Sunday as we were driving to a dinner appointment, the APs called me and told me I'm going to be a trainer again!:o That was a big surprise. 'Twas not expecting that really. So yeah! Kinda got mixed feelings about it but overall I suppose I'm pretty excited for it!:) It reminds me of my trainer when he trained me. He only had 3 transfers left when he started training me. (I have 4 left) I cannot believe I'm just about to the same point he was when he trained me. It's kinda blowing my mind!! 

So yeah, I'll have to be enjoying the last full week here in Cheltenham! Should be a good one for sure!:) Hope you all have a most fantastic week. 
Until next week! 
 Elder Wright

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