Saturday, April 1, 2017

A compilation of the last few letters.

Hey all! 
This week, 'twas pretty straight forward! We enjoyed some dang good weather in the latter half of the week. It's chilly now, but there were some dang nice blue skies Saturday and Sunday. Oh how I love good weather. I love it. I love it, I love it, I love it. Haha;D Although at the end of it all, I will probably miss the damp overcast setting of England. There indeed, is a special place in the heart for this country! :)

We had our district meeting on Wednesday this week. It was a very interesting journey home, let us say. To get back to Rugby from Warwick requires two buses. One from Warwick to Leamington Spa, and then one from Leamington to Rugby. Well, we caught the first bus just in time to get us to Leamington to catch that bus on time. About 15 minutes into the ride, the bus broke down! Nooo! So when we got to Leamington, we had missed our bus to Rugby...we had to wait in Leamington for about 45 minutes for the next bus. We got on the Rugby bus eventually, and started on the way! We were sure we were on the right bus.... Well about 45 minutes into the ride, were just like "Hmmm....something doesn't seem right." And lo and behold, we show up on the outskirts of Leamington again!! We definitely got on the right bus, but they must've changed the number of the bus while we were on it. Dang it. Haha So we then had to wait 20 more minutes for the next Rugby bus. And we made SURE with the bus driver that this one was going to Rugby. So that was an ordeal! But hey, everything happens for a reason I suppose! Who knows. :)

Friday was a SUPER quick day! It was actually really awesome. It was a day full of teaching! We taught a couple of the recent converts in the morning, then we taught a lovely old lady named Stella at a Church of England church. Taught a couple less actives and then had a DA with a way cool fam.:) Time surely flies when you're having fun!

Saturday was a cool day as well! :) It was good weather as well, so we took a train to Long Buckby, a village at the edge of our area. Then we biked a good six-ish miles through the English countryside to a town called Daventry to do some work!:) People are so cheerful when the weather is nice. :D It really does make a huge difference on the people's attitudes (mine including). We had a dinner appointment out there in the evening, which was mighty fine. Had some nice Indian cuisine. Then the dad said he would show us the back route back to Long Buckby on the bikes. He geared up with us and we took the journey! It was a beautiful trail! We biked along this canal at night. That was one of those mission moments where I just thought "Where the heck am I?? What am I doing?? 
This is so cool!" Haha:)

I am so excited for GENERAL CONFERENCE!! Yahoo!! I love's become one of my favourite times of year:) Our Prophet and Apostles right now are so cool. I cannot wait! Training Elder Bosco is going good! He's a great kid:) Can't believe how fast the weeks are going!
One last thought.
 I just think it's crazy to think that the very God of this world, the Creator of all things, was confronted by a mob of men holding pitch forks and torches. For flipping 30 pieces of silver, they brought him to be crucified. Through the whole of it, He could've just ended it all at anytime. Through all the abuse and low times, He could've called upon the wonders of heaven and ended it at any time... But He didn't! He held out..and because of that, we've got the chance to be able to return into His presence, with tears, and thank Him for what He did. It's crazy man! :/ I can scarcely comprehend it sometimes.  Anyways, hope all is well guys! 
Talk to ya laters!
Elder Wright


Hey hey!
This week was pretty dang good!:) Had some really good stuff happening this week. Man, the weather was so dandy on one of the days. We literally were cruising around in just our white shirts. Sunny and warm.....MMMMM:) Haha But it's back to normal now.. 

Like I said we had some cool stuff happen this week! On Tuesday, we were biking around stopping by people and we see in the distance at this park a group of our aged kids playing some basketball! About 15 min later Bosco was like "Would it be a good finding activity to go play basketball with those lads??" So we decided, eh why not! Haha Crazy enough, we get talking to them and they're like "Oh man, they're doing what Sam Miller is doing!" Sam Miller is one of the missionaries serving from this ward. We were like "How do you know him??" Turns out one of them is the cousin of Sams girlfriend. Small world! Well, after playing some good ol basketball with them, we said, " BS. Who wants to hear a message about Jesus?" They were like "Yeh alright go ahead!" So we taught them about the Restoration then and there! It was funny because we had a ton of leaflets/BoMs and we were fanning them out of our hands, "Alright take your pick!" Haha So when we were getting ready to leave, a few of them were sitting there smoking weed while reading the Book of Mormon!! Haha! Hey, at least they're reading it, right? That was a fun experience:)

Ah man, we had another funny experience as well. You gotta love the people you meet on a mission! On Saturday morning this guy (Adrian) came up to us (Sometimes you got to be wary of people that come up to you to speak. The first question you should be thinking is "Are they accountable?" Haha) Anyways, we got talking to him. He's a bit odd but hey, we're all odd in some way. We invited him to come to the chapel for a baptism later that day. And sure enough, guess who shows up at the baptism! Adrian. He started telling us at the baptism that he is Elvis Presley reincarnated.....yes, you read that right.  He wanted to sing for us during the service and we're just like, "Alright you can show us outside!" So he sang for us outside of the church! We did take a video so hopefully it can send to ya guys and you can see what he's like. ;D 

Like I said, there was the baptism of Carola this weekend!! Man, she is such a legend:) She was on a baptismal date for a bit before we got here. But man, it's been cool to work with her for the past few weeks! Elder Bosco gave her the strong commitment to read the Book of Mormon for an hour every day before her baptism and she did it!! :D She would get up at like 5:30 every morning and read the Book of Mormon for an hour. We taught her about fasting as well, and she says "Ok I'm going to fast tomorrow!" Man, she's so cool. The service was really special and the confirmation as well!....Spirit was definitely there in abundance. :)

The work is picking up bit by bit which is nice. Starting to find some promising souls!! We shall see what happens there. Time is sure flying by! Can't believe that this transfer is comin to an end soon. That concludes this session of the account of my life. :)  
Hope all is well in Zion and talk to ya laters! Cheers!
Elder Wright


What's up everyone! 
 The first two weeks of a new transfer (either new comp, new area, or both) are always kinda slow. But we've gone past that now and gone into a good routine. :) It came to Friday and Bosco was like "Man, it seems like it was just Friday last week and it's Friday again!" Days feel like weeks, weeks feel like days. 

Speaking of Friday, Friday was a day dedicated for spring cleaning! President and Sister Leppard dedicated a day in this week for us to completely clean our flats. Like scrub the floors, clean the walls, EVERYTHING. So Friday was our day to do that and man, it's like a new flat now! Haha It's so nice to just know that it's clean!:)

This week we went on exchange with the Stratford Elders. I went over to Stratford with Elder Hodge. Stratford is pretty cool! It's touristy for obvious reasons....Shakespeare town. :) You meet people from all over the world!....only problem is they don't live in the area, so even if they wanted to be taught, they live halfway across the world. But it was good stuff! We had kind of a funny experience on exchange.. Elder Hodge and I were tracting. We got to this guy, the door opens and just a huge whiff of pizza comes flowin out. :D After talking to him for a bit, he said he wasn't interested. So we were like "Man, that's a great smell, what is it??" ;) He says"Pizza! You want some?" We looked at each other and then said "Yeah sure!" So while walking away from the house with pizza triumphantly in hand, Elder Hodge says "Who needs dinner appointments!" Haha It was a good laugh. 

A while back we tracted into this nice Christian family...a mom and a couple of sons. They invited us over for dinner for Thursday night this week and it was awesome! They're a way funny family! He was that kid I was telling you about that was talking about the funny things the Brits do. :) We had a lovely meal with them and were able to teach them about the Book of Mormon! She's a born again Christian so I figured I'd give her Alma 36 to read. It's the account of Alma's conversion and it's very born again-like. :)  We hope to be able to share more with them in the future here. 

We got invited over to do service with a member on Saturday morning. They live between Daventry and Long Buckby. (Beautiful Hills over there) We got there not really knowing what we were going to be doing for the service. They live on a cool little farm so we were checking out their pigs and chickens and stuff. Then he told us we were going to be building a fence for the animals. He had us smacking this giant post into the I haven't don't anything too physically demanding in a very long time! I am so sore right now!!  It felt really good though to do some manual labour!:) Elder Bosco was right at home as well...he grew up on a farm so he's been used to doing that kind of stuff since he was a kid. 

It's a beautiful day today! Blue skies are shining and the Brits are smiling. :) But we're heading over to Warwick castle for Pday with the district! Should be way fun to get out and do something fun. I've been so used to having missionaries in the same area as me for the past months. It's so weird to just be secluded out yonder. But it'll be fun to have a nice day. Well hey, I hope everything is fine over there on that side of the world! Hope you have a most fantastic week. 
Cheers mates!
Elder Wright


Hey hey! 
It's been a pretty good week! Bosco and I are getting used to the area and the routine of things so it's been good!:) Weather has been on and off bipolar. Haha You get a couple of horribly wet days then a decently sunny day, then more rainy days. To be fair, it's been a pretty good winter so far so can't complain. :)

Let's see....what happened this week. We spent quite a bit of time stopping by people that we had on the map. We were able to weed through those people that weren't too interested so now we can focus our time in other places! :) We were able to find a couple new people to work with this week! Karean and his mom Louise....we tracted into them and spoke for a while last week. Well we popped around again on Saturday and spoke more with them! She's a born again Christian I believe and very devoted to it. She's a really nice lady and the kid is way cool! :) They invited us over to have dinner with them this Thursday so I'm pretty excited for that.

Another guy was named Philip. He's a Jamaican guy that's lived here for a while. He had been taught previously a bit by missionaries but hasn't been able to meet for a while. Well we popped around his and were able to teach him! It was probably the proper first sit down lesson in someone's home that Bosco has experienced so it was way good for him. It was funny because Philip kinda started out like "Oh who do you guys think God is?....Is God more important than Jesus?" Etc, etc. Well we just turned it around on him and just testified of Jesus Christ! I think that calmed him down a bit and then we were able to teach him about the Book of Mormon. He said he had one from previous missionaries so we taught about it, showed him a Mormon Message, testified, and then invited him to read it for himself! The Spirit was really strong there and he committed to read the Book and pray. He invited us to dinner on Wednesday as well! (Man, were almost getting more dinner appointments from investigators than we are members. Haha:P ) So were really stoked about that!

We had a pretty funny experience. One of the days it was really, really windy. Like, really windy! (A lady in Birmingham got killed by a piece of roof that flew off and smacked her...that's how windy it was) Anyways, they cancelled all the trains so we had to take a bus from Coventry to Rugby. On the bus, we got talking to this guy from Bolivia! (I successfully used my basic knowledge of high school Spanish to strike up an alright conversation with him) So that was pretty cool. Well anyways, we're taking this bus down these back country hills on either side, sheep, cows, the typical beautiful English scenery. Well, partway through the bus ride, the bus stopped and the driver opens his little door thing, looks back at all of us and is like "Does anyone know the way??" Hahaha I was thinking "Ah man, you know you're in trouble when not even the bus driver knows the way"! Luckily, we had an old lady on board that must've been riding this bus route since the early 20th century. She saved the day and we successfully arrived back in Rugby just in time for a lovely dinner appointment:) haha

One of the things Bosco has said he's learning the most is how to deal with rejection and actually turn it around. For instance, there was this Russian guy out smoking a cig on his front yard. We were like, "Hey man, how's it goin! We're missionaries for our church." He immediately was like "No boys, not interested." After talking for a while about life and whatnot, he started asking us about what we're doing, how the mission is, etc. By the end, he came up to us, asked our names, gave us a couple fist bumps and then went on. Afterwards Bosco was just like "Man, it's crazy how someone can go from 'No not interested' to then giving us fist bumps as we head off." My wee son is growing! :.) haha

Yup, it's been an alright week. We're finally back on the bikes as well so I'm excited about that. Wish us luck and I hope you have a most fantastic week! 
Cheers! :)
Elder Wright


Hey hey!! :) 
Wow, it's been a crazy week! Haha But overall pretty dang awesome. I have my son now!! His name is Elder Bosco and he's from Waddy, Kentucky:) And he is pumped about the work!! Haha He's probably the most enthusiastic greenie I've ever seen so that's pretty fun! But yeah, overall he's a good kid:) Twill be a fun time to serve together. 

They did the meeting where you receive the greenies a bit different this time! It was kinda fun, so first you all meet together and have some opening remarks and then pray over the lunch. You then go into lunch (and remember no one knows who's training who) and kinda mingle while eating lunch. Elder Bosco and I just happened to sit next to each other and we were chattin pretty much the whole time so that was cool!:) Anyways, you then go into the meeting and find out who is training who. It was way cool:) 

I think he's adjusting well to the whole mission thing. He's picking up things extremely fast....he's just gotta learn some patience now. Haha The mission isn't exactly sunshine and rainbows. (in fact, here its mostly clouds and rainbows;) haha) So over the week we had quite a few appointments fall through and people not be so interested so that kinda was a bummer for him. He kept asking "What's the longest period of time where you haven't had a full on sit down lesson with someone?" Haha I was like "Well son, here in this mission you gotta get used to teaching on doorsteps and in the streets. The British aren't usually too trusting with strangers and it is very rare for someone to let you into their home straightaway on the first visit!" 

Bosco had kind of a fun first day we were walking and this guy started talking to us. He said "Now I believe Joseph Smith saw an angel Moroni.." We were thinking "Yes! Yes!" And then he said "But I believe it was the fallen angel Moroni." Then we were thinking "No! No!" Haha Well after sharing a Book of Mormon with him, this random lady interrupted our conversation and told this man "Read the words of Christ." And again, we were thinking "Yes! Yes! Amen!" And then she said "Not the Book of Mormon!!" And we of course were like "NO! NO!" Haha But yeah, that was kind of a funny experience:)

After the whole week kinda being full of uninterested people, Saturday came around! In the morning, we went up to an area to stop by some peeps. As usual, they weren't in so we decided to knock on some doors right there by the people:) Lo and behold, we talked to this teenager for a while on the doorstep. His name is Kearan and man, he was flipping HILARIOUS!:D So the conversation we had was about doing missionary work in Britain. He was asking us what it's like to just knock on doors and talk to people in the streets. And it was funny because he was on the point of view of the British. Man, he was talking about how the Brits are kind of stand off ish but also very nosey at the same time. Just the things he was saying, I've TOTALLY seen it in the time that I've been here. It's hard to describe over email so if you or I ever meet in person, I'll describe it more to ya;) haha But anyways, halfway through talking with him, his mother roles up and immediately starts talking to us about America. (they LOVE America.....I mean, who doesn't?;) ) She's a Christian as well so she was super bubbly and happy to see us. They needed stuff done in their front garden so we offered to help and they were like "Yeah! Come around another time!" We were like "YES!!" A family that will hopefully go somewhere:D Ya never know what could lead to what. 

On Saturday as well, of course, was the baptism of Cristiana! And man, it was great!:) Good turnout, everything turned out all right, water wasn't too hot or too cold;) It was nice. Loads of missionaries came to it as well. I have a pic of all of us together after the baptism:) But yeah! ''Twas a way cool experience, especially for Bosco! Lucky dog, have a baptism your first weekend in the mission. Hahaha But yeah, we hope things will adjust nicely in the coming week! Ups and downs but overall good adventures:) Well hey, we shall talk to ya peeps next week! 
Cheers mates!
Elder Wright


Hey hey everyone! :)
We went with the Gloucester teams and Forest of Dean to the Forest just kinda exploring a bit. Went to Puzzlewood, which apparently they shot some scenes in the newer Star Wars movies which was cool!:D But yeah! It was way fun! It was the last Pday for the sisters in our MTC group which is super crazy! They are home now. Kinda blows my mind! It was kinda sucky saying goodbye to them to be honest! They feel like your actual sisters! They're on the plane with ya to the UK, of course the whole MTC experience, you see them occasionally throughout the course of mission conferences and stuff, and then after a year and a half they take off back to the great land of America! So now I'm starting to feel really old in the mission:) It's crazy!!

Whitewashing into Rugby is way cool!! I love it here so far! They stuck me with Elder Miner for the week, who is also going to be training. We don't have our greenies yet unfortunately. They'll be coming in the mail tomorrow:) Oh yeah, so I've been getting used to the life without the car! Ya don't know what you got til it's gone!! The district is pretty sweet! Then we got teams of sisters in Warwick (pronounced Warrick.....w is silent for some reason) and in Banbury. We got legends in the zone as well! Our zone leaders are Elder Turnbow (whom I served with. Way cool!) and Elder Langy from Tonga. One of the other DLs is Elder Mordue as well, so I'm way excited!:) 

There was some GREAT work going on here when I got here. Recently, in January this guy named Tom Manning got baptised, and he's like a totally normal person! Haha Also we have a baptism coming up THIS WEEKEND!! Haha Crazy huh? Her name is Cristiana. She is normal as well! Haha :) But yeah, its way exciting! My greenie is going to be spoiled...first week and he's got a baptism. Haha I thought about joking around with him and being like "Hey man, if you don't baptise like every weekend in this mission, you're doing something wrong!" ;D There's also another family that is set up to be baptised in March!! They were rockin it!:) 

I'm excited for the coming times!:) It'll be way fun! It's been nice whitewashing into the area with another "seasoned" missionary for a week! He's in the group ahead of me so he goes home in 4ish months. But yeah, we've just been talking about mission stories, talking about how we hope our boys are cool, etc. Haha:D It's been fun to be with Miner for a week! Even in a week, he's taught me loads! But yeah, we shall see where the wind takes these next couple transfers! Wish me luck, and we shall speak to ya in a weeks time! 
Elder Wright

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