Monday, May 8, 2017

My companion is Wolverine!

What's up everyone! Another week gone....what the heck. Time flies too quickly sometimes!:/ But anyways, I am here in my greenie area and man it's weird! Haha I get occasional flashbacks in the randomest of places! It's crazy to see the changes and everything as well. That was like 20 months ago:o Some of the youth I remember got all growed up. Haha It's weird! But yeah, it's good to be back:)

Oh! And definitely some good Denver, our recent convert from Nottingham, is from Peterborough. He finishes exams in June so he will be coming back to Peterborough and will be in our ward!!:D I'm super stoked about that!! It'll be good to catch up with him and see how he's doin:)

My new companion is Elder Ofasi, from London. It's been a lot of fun to be serving with him! So I was in his first district when he was a greenie way back when. And then we also served together in the same zone when I was in Cheltenham. So we've seen each other quite a bit, and it's been a lot of fun:) We have a very multi-cultured district here in Peterborough. We got me (...US), Ofasi (UK), Hakanp√§√§ (Finland), Celestini (Italy), Tartaglia (Italy), Tarapi (Philippines), Thornton (Australia), and Nkomo (South Africa). So yeah! It's a lot of fun:) haha 

So this week wasn't too too interesting to be honest. One of the guys that we used to teach here, Decio, is still "investigating" the church. And by "investigating", I mean he shows up to sports night on a Friday and that's it. Haha:P As far as the work goes here, it's going alright. There was just a Portuguese family that was baptized not too long ago, which are awesome!:) Other than that, there isn't too much going on in the work. That's the struggle after someone gets then have to continue finding new peeps. Haha So our teaching pool is pretty barren, but hey! 

Ofasi and I had some good times one day...haha So, to start off, we both love music. And we're both semi-musically inclined. I was just thumbing around on the guitar one night and discovered some nice chords. So we threw something together and started writing a song. Haha It's kinda bluesy/soulful, which is perfect because Ofasi has a good voice for soul (let's just say he's less white than most people). Man, we had some good times jamming out. Hopefully we don't disturb the neighbours too much. Haha:) 

Speaking of disturbing neighbours, there's this guy that lives below us. Man, he's been complaining since I was there, and who knows how long before that! He's gets mad at us for walking:P And this one time, we were cleaning our flat, so we vacuumed the floors, cleaned the showers, did the dishes, etc. Ya know, the usual cleaning methods. And he comes banging on our door and swearing at us for being so loud. He told us he hopes we get cancer and die. Hahaha What the fetch! So yeah, we've got some interesting neighbours. But the guy that always used to scream in the middle of the night no longer lives there so.....blessings!;D haha 

Other than that, I'm looking forward to the coming week! Hopefully we can get something rolling on:) But yeah, that's about it really. Hope all is well with you all! Happy early Mothers Day to ya!!:) Love you guys, cheers. 

May 1, 2017

Wazz up everyone! Hope life is great for y'all. Life over here is pretty good at the moment. The week was pretty average to be honest:) We also got the news for the transfers. You guys won't believe it!! But hey, I'll stall a little bit just to build up the suspense;) haha 

So amazingly, Elder Bosco is healing up real quick! His giant pepperoni sized scab in his face is completely gone! Everyone in the ward was just completely amazed by it! (And me companion is Wolverine) Haha We had a dinner with the Bishop earlier this week and they were just like "What the heck!! It's gone!" Haha So yeah! Oh, and sad story, after the dinner with the bishop, we got to our bikes and my back tire was completely flat. :P Had a giant thorn stuck in the tire/tube. So we ended up walking our bikes back to our flat, which was like 3 miles. But! On the way, we found this cool Hungarian kid that's like 20 that we're going to start teaching!:)

We also had exchanges this week, so I went to Warwick with Elder Toshimitsu (Japan) and Elder Bosco stayed here with Elder Radudon (Thailand). It was a pretty good exchange! :) Elder Bosco said that him and Radudon were Street contacting. Radudon went up to this guy and was like "Hello there! What makes you happy!" The guy was like "If I won the lottery" and then walked off. Haha When I heard it, I was cracking up cause stuff like that always happens. But then he said that Radudon was just like "Man, people in my country have nothing. And they're happy!" It's so true! People in the world just really lose sight of what should be desired and what's important. 

That's one thing that has totally opened my eyes in the mission is prideful people and humble people. You hear about missionaries that go to missions in South America or the Philippines where it's really humbling because the people have nothing. They people live in shacks and have no money. Well, in my mission, it's the complete opposite!! The amount of pride we confront on a daily basis is astounding:P Later in the week, we cycled out to this village (Newton) to do some tracting. We talked to this one guy that just basically talked about himself the whole time. He bragged about how he drives fast cars, travels around the world, has made a successful business, etc. His wording was he "made it", as though he had finished the fight. We tried sharing with him the Book of Mormon saying that it talks about how we can gain that lasting peace in this life and help us prepare for the next. He said he lives in the now and doesn't care about the future. He just wasn't havin anything! It's no wonder the Book of Mormon talks so much about Pride vs. Humility. Just take a look at the reaction of the Jews when Christ came vs. the reaction of the Nephites when Christ came to them. Big ol difference there! But anyways, sorry for ranting on about today's society. Haha I'll stop;)

So, I guess we better get to the transfer business!:o I'm not going to drag on or anything, I'll just say it......I'm finishing my mission where it started!! Yup, that's right. Peterborough!! Hahaha What the heck are the odds?? And it's the same flat again as well! This is going to be really strange! That area was my first experience to full time missionary work and it'll also be my last. I feel like it's going to be so strange going back there! I'm serving with Elder Ofasi, from London:) I'm excited about that as well, we've served around each other quite a bit so we already know each other pretty well. But yeah! That's my news. I am bumming to leave Elder Bosco! He's awesome. You really do come to know and love the people you serve with. It's been a great experience with him:) Sad to leave him. But hey, that's the mission for ya! But yeah, that's about all I have. Love you guys loads! Hope all is well and we shall speak to ya next week! Cheers!
April 24, 2017

Hello all! Sooo...this has been quite the week. Haha Where to start?? Well I suppose we will start from the beginning. 

The start of the week was ok! We had a lesson with Janis. Janis is the Latvian guy I talked about last week. So it's kinda bummer news with him. It was way promising for him...he was wanting to change, he did feel that strong change of heart and everything but the withdrawals were just too bad for him. We saw him on the Tuesday and he was in bad shape. He didn't ever give in and start smoking pot or doing drugs or anything, which is good news. But he's having some effects in the mind having gone cold turkey off it all. He was heavily into drugs since his mid teens and just stopped a little over a month ago (he's about 30 years old). Well after doing all we could to help build his faith in Christ, he just wasn't taking anything. He had a visit from his doctor on the Friday and said he's delusional..:/ So yeah....that kinda sucked but hey ho. Life moves on I suppose! 

The week went on as usual. Came to Thursday in the which we had zone meeting! Elder Bosco and I were invited to give a training in zone meeting which ended up to be really fun:) We related the BLT sandwich to some PMG stuff. Don't ask how it was done....but it worked out:D haha It was all fun and games until the Thursday afternoon after zone meeting.. As we were biking to the bus station to go to Daventry, Elder Bosco decided to cut through some traffic and ended up getting smashed by a car going 30!! Absolutely got smashed...the bike exploded, the helmet he was wearing exploded, the car got smashed up. The miracle is he is still alive!....and the even greater miracle is there were no broken bones or anything! Just a couple of cuts here and there. Like, it's crazy! I saw his body get smashed and go flying through the air but he just got up from it. The first thing he said after getting hit was "Whoa.....I felt that one." Hahaha 

So that put a damper on a lot of things really. (Obviously.....the kid just got hit by a car. Haha) He's got a sore knee and sore shoulder so we haven't been doing any crazy crap lately. He's healing well now so that's super good! Man....I still can't believe it. Haha Because it ended up alright all things considered, we look back on it and laugh. If it was any other outcome, That'd would've sucked! But we're just grateful he's alive and well!! He now has learned that before crossing the road, LOOK BOTH WAYS. 

We were able to convince one of the families that we ate dinner with that we had gotten mugged (because he's got cuts on his face and arms). We built up the story all nicely and they all totally believed it! They're the kind of family that you can just banter with and have a good laugh. So that was nice:) 

We had a stake conference this weekend with a member of the Seventy from Norway. Elder Henland. He's a pretty cool guy!:) He kinda based his ideas around how as humans and members of the church, we all have something wrong with us. Haha He's a funny guy! His sense of humour was hilarious! But anyways, that was an awesome experience:) I was able to reunite with some of the peeps from Chelmsley Wood Ward. Man, Bishop Charmbury....I forgot how much of a legend that guy is! It's always cool meeting up with friends you haven't seen in a while. It's been like 9 months since I left Chelmsley Wood. Man, time flies. Haha 

I'm officially in the double digits of days left on the mission, which is crazy! Can't believe it! This next Sunday we get the "Dodge Calls" telling us if we're leaving the area or not. Guess we shall find out what happens!:) Well, this concludes this session of the life of me. Love you all and hope all is well:) Cheers mates!

April 17, 2017

Hey all!! Sorry I don't have a ton of time today to write, as we've been hanging with the district today doing some stuff:D It's been a pretty good week though. We had a HUGE miracle at the start of this week. I think for the sake of time and space in the email, I'll just tell ya about that. Just know the rest of the week was good too:)

So, it all starts a couple weeks ago when we read a scripture about missionaries in the Book of Mormon and how hey did "fast and pray oft". So we decided to fast a ton! We fasted 3 weeks ago, had some cool miracles from that. Nothin too too major. The second fast was alright....well actually not really. Haha We had a lot of crap happen after the second fast. So the third weekend, we fasted again, this time for the purpose of finding someone that will be willing to be baptised. That's a good thing to fast for huh! Well, it all starts Monday afternoon/evening. 

As we were emailing in the chapel, Elder Bosco went to use the toilet. After he was gone a while, I was thinking to myself "Man, what did we eat?" Haha So I go to see what's in and lo and behold, Elder Bosco is talking to this guy on the chapel down the hall. Turns out he just walked in and was checking stuff out. After speaking to him for a bit, he had tears in his eyes and said he wants to change his life. He said he's done some really bad things in his life and he wants to forget about it all and change. About a month ago, he "woke up". He stopped all the drugs, stopped the alcohol, stopped the Chastity issues. Just everything. It also turns out that he was going to come to church the day before as well, but he showed up in the evening and obviously our church doesn't really have meetings in the evening. 

Well, we showed him a painting of Christ in the chapel, testified of the Saviour. Took him into the chapel. I felt prompted to give him a blessing, so we did! He kept expressing a desire to change his life and we felt prompted to invite him to be baptised, so we did! And he accepted! So he's set to be baptised in the end of May!:D If that's not a miracle and answer to a fast and prayer, I don't know what is. After he left the building, we just fell on our knees and thanked God! Haha It was crazy. HUGE miracle. 

Oh, his name is Janis (Yanis) and he's from Latvia. We've seen him a couple more times since then. He does have some issues because of him going cold turkey off all the drugs and stuff but whenever we teach him, he just seems happier and at peace. He came to church as well so it's super awesome!! :) But yeah, because of that we've had a pretty good week. Anyways, running out of time. Hope all is well! Love you all! Take care!:)

April 10, 2017
Wazzz up everyone! It's Elder Wright. And we welcome you out to the account of my life here in Rugby, Warwickshire, England:) This week has been very interesting! Haha Got some very weird stuff that happened. But first off, there were a solid like 2-3 days straight of just blue skies and sun! It was sooo nice:) (Good weather is actually kinda trunky to be honest) Let us go into this bad boy..

So Tuesday and Wednesday were very interesting. It just seemed like everyone was out to get us!! So many jerks. Haha For instance, as we were talking to this lady on the door step, there was this construction guy working on the house next to us, and of course, a lot of houses are very close together here in the UK. So he could hear what we were saying to this lady, and we could hear what he was saying about us. He was just cursing at us repetitively under his breath, which ya know, go for it. We don't mind. But the annoying part was after we concluded speaking with the lady! Of course, as we pass we say, "Morning, how are you guys?" And he just started cursing and telling us to F off. (Guy must be having a bad day. Haha) Well, Elder Bosco is writing something in his planner and the guy comes over to him with this cord in his hand and just whips it across Boscos hand. We were like "Dude, calm down!" His construction friend had to come and hold him back. So that was Tuesday morning...(great start to the week huh. Haha;)) And after that, just everyone was negative and yelling at us. Very interesting week!

There were some good things that happened though! Haha Some tender mercies from the Lord. Twice this week, we had to use the bus. When we got on the bus, both times, the guy couldn't work out the machine so we didn't have to pay!! (And one of the tickets was an astounding £15!....fist pump!) So that was nice. Had a couple of members have us for dinner and they were mighty fine meals! Elder Boscos first "Toad in a Hole". If you don't know what that is, look it up. So yeah, amidst the crapiness of it all, we had some nice things happen too:D

We had exchanges this week, in the which I spent some good time with Elder Turnbow:) Back to the good old days. We had some fun doing service for a lady in the ward...she asked us to dig up her back garden and level it all out. Then on the drive back to Rugby, there was a beautiful sunset and a Union Jack flowing in the wind. I got a pick of it for ya, don't worry;) I do love this country. It will forever have a place in my ol heart!

I think the highlight of the week was when a kinda less active man came to church with his two daughters. They want their youngest daughter baptised, so we go over every Friday and eat dinner with them and teach the daughter. And this was the first week they've actually come to church! It was awesome to see them there:) But yeah, that's about the extent of our week here in Ruggers. Hope all is well for ya guys:) Enjoy the life! Cheers. 

April 3, 2017
Waz up! How you all doin?? This was pretty dang good:) Had a lot of cool things happen for us. So last weekend we decided to fast for our area and man, fasting works! I always describe fasting as a prayer on steroids...cause it is! Tuesday we found loads of cool people that we can potentially start working with. 

So it's been pretty rare for Bosco and I to get into people's homes straightaway when tracting. But Tuesday, it happened a couple of times for us! The first dude was this really extremely happy old man from up north. He's like 85 and still really active:D haha So he was pretty cool. The second guy was kinda interesting! His name is Jason. He let us in for some hot chocolate (yes!) and a chat. He absolutely hates organised religion, which I do understand. He kept on talking about concerns that he has about religion, and everything he was bringing up, we were just like "Dude, this can help you man! We have answers that you're looking for!!" Finally, he agreed to read the Book of Mormon and the Restoration leaflet. I'm excited to follow up with him and see what he thought!:)

A few weeks back, we met this guy on the street named Stephen. He seemed pretty cool at the time, said he's going through some hard times. He gave us his phone number and told us to call him after 2 anyday. Well, for a while we weren't able to get in contact with him. Then, last Tuesday as we were going about our business, we called him and he said he could meet us that Friday! Yahoo!! We met him in a Costa and told him about faith in Christ. He expressed that he has many health issues and he's going through some family problems. We shared Alma 7 with him and testified of the Saviour and the Book of Mormon! We asked him at the end if he would be down to meet up with us again and he said he would! So he's been one of our more solid people that we've found here in Rugby. I'm pretty excited about that:D

So Conference was awesome!! Had some really good talks:) I always love Uchtdorfs talks. Also Eyrings talk from the Priesthood session was good. Man, I just love Conference! It's almost like Thanksgiving. Haha Spiritual thanksgiving twice a year!! On the Saturday morning session (which we watched at 5pm) we held it at the chapel. It was cool because it was just a small group of us watching it...we had Cristiana (recent convert) and Pat Neal, who's a member. And then lo and behold halfway through, our less active friend George showed up!! Yes!! So that was awesome:)

Overall, it was a good week:) I cannot believe how fast time is flying by! The weeks go by as fast as the days. That was my last General Conference in the UK!:o What the.... I was reading through my journal from my first area and seems like yesterday, kind of....but so much has happened in between! But anyways, that's about it from me! Hope all is well and dandy for ya guys:) Enjoy the week! Cheers. 

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