Tuesday, May 16, 2017

We had a Fourth floor, last door experience this week!

Hey what's up everyone!! Man, this week flew. Happy Mothers Day by the way!:) 
It was so awesome to Skype mom and dad:).....for the last time too!:o Whoa. But yeah, this week was alright! Kinda slowish but hey, you gotta have those weeks.  

We had a Fourth floor, last door experience this week! We had decided on this certain street to tract. We got to the street and started on one side and went for it. Pretty much no one was opening their doors, and the few that did were definitely not interested. 
A long ways into it, we both were just like, "Man, we're just going through the motions right now." So we said prayer, asking for the guidance of the Spirit! We felt to walk up the road and as we turned the corner, we saw this guy getting stuff out of the trunk. So we pounced!:D He was a cool guy but wasn't interested. We continued walking....and lo and behold, we saw a woman and her child getting out of their car. We were just like, "A family! This is the one!" But nope, instant turn down. After walking up the road and knocking on some more doors, we decided to head back toward the bikes. 
We felt we should knock on this door on the way back, but nobody was home. After some hours in total, we returned to our bikes not having found anyone. :/ We even unlocked the bikes, but in the corner of our eyes we saw a BMW i8 parked in the drive. Haha We were like, "Eh, why not. Let's go knock it!" So we did! And this girl and her daughter answered the door. We talked to them for a bit about the Plan of Salvation and invited them to learn more and they said yeah! The little girl was probably about 4 years old and was the cutest thing ever! We gave her the Plan of Salvation leaflet and the little girl was just so excited about it! Haha It was awesome. She opened up the pages and was like "Whoa!! Thank you!" But yeah, that was a nice little experience. :)

One day, we were tracting and found this Free Mason guy.  It was pretty cool to talk to him a little bit about what they do. He was 90 years old.  He said over time his belief has dimished. All the news about the crap in the world has gotten to him. So, we shared with him the Plan of Salvation and invited him to learn more. We shall see what happens!:) 

Other than that, not a whole lot happened to be honest! Had my birthday on the Saturday which was a lot of fun! The district surprised me with a nice little lunch and everything!:D There was also another person in the ward that has a birthday coming up Wednesday and they threw a ward birthday party for him. So, us missionaries just went and crashed the party. Haha:P But hey, they gave me a cake which was super super nice of them! Mmm:) Good day. 

But yeah, we're hoping things will pick up here this week. :) Hope you guys are fine and we shall speak next week! 
Elder Wright

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