Monday, June 5, 2017

Now we get into the crazy bit. Thursday......oh Thursday.

What's up everyone!:) 
It's Elder Wright signing in from Peterborough, England. This week was a pretty good week! Had some nice things happen...had some crazy things happen. 
So, we will dive straight into the juicy details!:) 

We will start off with Wednesday. (No discredit to Tuesday. It's always great, it's just the "Monday" of missionary life. Haha) We taught our less active guy, John, on Wednesday. Man, he's awesome! He was straight with us and said that Sacrament meeting was quite boring for him (haha), but overall it was good. He said that he didn't find the "speeches" very moving. Well little had he known we had been planning what to teach and felt we should show him this powerhouse talk that the one and only Elder Jeffrey R Holland gave called "Lord, I Believe". Elder Holland once again hit it out of the ball park. John loved it! There was a cool moment we shared with him as well. After the talk and after chatting about random gospel topics, we sat in silence for a bit. It was unplanned, obviously, but nevertheless much needed. Sometimes in lessons, you (as the missionary) kind of feel obligated to say things to fill the silence. Well, in this instance the Spirit actually told me to keep quiet for a moment! Nobody said anything, the cars seemed to stop driving on the busy road outside his house, and we just enjoyed a moment of complete silence! And what a feeling of peace that came into the room:) He recognized it as well! So, that was just a neat experience:)

Later that day, we stopped by this girl we found named Harriet. She's pretty cool! She was up front with us the first time and said the "Mormon" is not for her. Haha (Gotta love it when people say that!) Anyways, we talked to her for a while on her doorstep. We weren't too pushy with her and just kinda talked about things! She gained enough interest to go back inside, read the pamphlet we gave her, and tell her parents that the Mormons were coming over the following Wednesday at 5oclock. Haha 
So sure enough, we come by....Wednesday, at 5oclock:) She was the only one home at the moment, so we just chatted on the doorstep again. And once again, she said that "the Mormon" isn't for her. (Challenge accepted) This time, we answered her questions from the pamphlet, and then brought in the Book of Mormon, an added witness of Jesus Christ!;) And when we did, her dad rolled up and joined in. Haha To make a long story short, he was nice about things and actually was asking some pretty good questions himself. So they actually do seem promising to progress a little bit!:) We are excited about them!

Now we get into the crazy bit. Thursday......oh Thursday. Haha So in the morning, as usual, we had our district meeting, which was really good! :) In the afternoon, we decided to stop by some people. Well, as we are biking, we get up to this T intersection before we cross the road. We look to our right and stop riding our bikes, as a car was turning left to continue on the road perpendicular to where he was driving. Well, he stops 'cause he thinks we are going to cross. So we look forward, and then all we hear was this massive crash! A van that was driving behind this guy just smashed the backside of this guys car! Glass went everywhere, back of the car was demolished. Luckily nobody was hurt! But yeah, then there's just two guys in white shirts and ties and their bikes just standing there not knowing what to do. Haha:P 

Well, after that crash that we witnessed, we continued up the road a bit, probs about 10 minutes. We came up to this street, turned the corner, and to our bewilderment, there's the smashed car! Haha Different street completely and it had literally crashed like 15-minutes before we got there. Anyways, after that confusion, we cycled up the road and found this row of flats all blocked off by caution tape and police vehicles. One of the windows of the flats was completely busted open and these forensic guys were doing their work on the broken glass. Haha So you can imagine, by now we are just feeling weird! "Something's majorly off about today:P" That's not the end either....we witnessed a biker guy eat pavement while on the phone cycling. Hahahaha So yeah, it was just a weird day indeed:P But hey! It's quite funny when you think of it all!:P 
That was pretty much our week to be honest. Did some nice service work for some members. One occasion we did work on a members garden. Another time, we dug out like a thousand tree stumps from another members garden. But it was awesome!:) I got a sunburn!! That's not common in this country:) haha Anyways, hope all is well with you guys! Hope you have a most awesome of a week this week. Cheers!
Elder Wright

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