Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Yay!! Miracles!:)

Hello everyone!!:) Just taking a slight note.....I have about 5 weeks left. Whoa. Haha Anyways, now that's out of the way, we can a bit about the week!:) I'll keep this one kinda short. First off, the weather has been flipping HOT! Who would've known in England! Haha We are sweating our faces off over here. But hey, beats the cold wet winters so hey;D

Had some good things happen this week. It's been fun to be with Elder Swalberg. As I stated last week, we are in the same MTC group. We actually slept in the same room in the MTC so it's cool to be serving together for our last transfer! Hopefully we don't get TOO trunky;) haha We had a good lesson this week with Harriet. It's a slow progression, but progressing nonetheless. She's done her research online as well! At least she's smart about things! She knows that not EVERYTHING on the internet is true. (We get people that think that all too much. Haha) I think the church is kinda growing on her! She's also been reading through the BoM a bit. Hopefully we can get her and her dad to church one of these times!

Speaking of peeps coming to church, John Harvey has come AGAIN!:) Fourth week in a row. I think he's getting more and more comfortable with it as well. Yay!! Miracles!:) Also, Denver came to church in Peterborough!! Denver is the YSA aged guy that Turnbow and I taught in Nottingham and was baptised a few months after we taught him. Well he's from Peterborough originally so he's up here for the summer. It was AWESOME to see him at church!:D Loads of members thought he was an investigator with us. Hahaha So he just played along with it:P 

But yeah! It's been an awesome time! We're really looking forward to this week and weeks:) Hope everything is grand in the States! Cheerio!

June 12

Hey everyone!! My second to last transfer is coming to an end...what the heck!:o This is crazy. It's been a good time with Ofasi!:) And to end out our transfer on Sunday night, God granted us the tender mercy of having a concert with Elton John!!! Hahaha There's the Peterborough football ground just up from our flat and Elton John played there Sunday night!:D So that was fun. Benny and the Jets, Rocketman, Your Song....yeah it was a good concert. Haha :D

This week was alright! Had a good lesson with John Harvey, our less active friend. It's funny because we planned for his lesson a few days before it took place. We planned on teaching him a bit about prophets/apostles and show him Monson's talk about the BoM from the last conference. Well, when we got there we said absolutely nothing about what we'd teach yet and he started bringing up concerns about modern day prophets and stuff. We were like "Hey, that's actually what we were going to teach you about!" I just think it's awesome how the Lord works in even the smallest things in the work:) 

We also had a good lesson with Harriet and Dan, the little family we found a couple weeks back. Harriet kind of went through a real low patch this last couple of weeks. Well, fortunately we think those trials actually prepared her for the message even more! So she's open to reading more from the BoM because of that. So yeah, we had a good lesson with them and will hopefully be seeing them again this Wednesday!:)

Thursday we went to Leicester for Interviews with President, which was good as usual. Friday we had to travel to Birmingham because Elder Ofasi had a self reliance meeting at the mission home. So I just worked with a couple of Elders in Sutton Coldfield:) Oh! I had a good study that morning so hey, I'll share it with y'all. I was reading in Helaman 11 where Nephi asks God to use the famine to punish the people rather than the sword. I got thinking to myself just how important that one prayer was from the prophet at that time. Just thinking over that principle and pondering it for a while, I gained a new appreciation for the words of our current prophet and just how important he is:) So I started going through his previous talks in the years and it's been real good. But yeah!....that's about it. Haha

Well, transfers has come and we have gotten the news....Elder Ofasi is going to Swansea and Elder Swalberg will be coming here for OUR last transfer!! He's going home with me so  we will be "killing" each other:P Hakanpää is staying and he's getting Elder Winterton, my old companion! So yeah, three of us in this district will be finishing our missions this transfer. (Poor Hakanpää...hopefully he doesn't die. Haha) 

The fact that I'm heading into my last transfer is currently blowing my mind. Sister Tarapi did my last planner for me and on the back page, it just reads "The work is done.." When I saw that, I was kinda flipping out, not gonna lie! Haha It just becomes all too real..:/ But yeah, my last transfer is all set in stone! I've absolutely loved my mission:) It's the best decision I ever made! Anyways, hope you guys are well! :) Have a great week!

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