Thursday, July 6, 2017

So, now we go on to the big miracle of this week!

What up everyone! 
We have had a GREAT week this week! Got some huge miracles up in here.:) But, before we get way into that, we will start with the small stuff. Weather this week has been quite wet mostly. Throws a change to the really hot weather though so that's good. ;)  England just will never make up its mind on weather...

Wednesday we had a good zone conference in Leicester! They're making them longer now so we end up sitting there in the meeting for like 7 hours.  But it's pretty good! Can't believe it was my last zone conference! They always do it to where departing missionaries in the transfer give their "departing testimony" in the zone conference before we leave. So me, Elder Swalberg, and Elder Winterton all gave our departing testimonies! Super crazy.. But yeah, that was real good. Afterwards, we had exchanges with the ZLs again. Good times!

We had a cool experience with Harriet and her dad. So after the last time we saw her, she had a spiritual experience that she was trying to describe to us! So when we first met her, she was VERY skeptical to religion and God...pretty professed atheist;) Well, after teaching her for a few weeks, she had this spiritual experience! She was trying to describe it to us (it was totally the Spirit! She just had no idea how to explain it. Haha) So we showed her a few scriptures and stories from prophets and stuff. She's beginning to get it I think! So that's super cool:) We will just have to wait and see, kinda move at her own pace. 

We had a funny experience this week as well, :P  So, on Saturday, the sister missionaries in Stamford had a convert baptism which was really cool! Mel is her name. :) Anyways, they had the baptism on Saturday and they had to do it at our chapel because Stamfords building doesn't have a font. We were in charge of getting the font all filled up! Well, we go on exchange with the other Elders. Swalberg and Winterton were going to go fill up the font a bit earlier to make sure everything was good, while me and Hakanpää went to a lesson and a dinner appt. Unfortunately, Swalberg and Winterton's bikes break down in the afternoon so they ended up getting late to the chapel. (Not only were they late but the font just takes forever to fill up on its own. Haha) It gets closer and closer to the time of the baptism and it's not filling up!! Well, our brilliant minds decided to take buckets of water from the sinks and just dump it in there until it filled up!:P haha So everyone's arriving and us missionaries are running around frantically with buckets of water trying to fill up this font.... hahaha Luckily, it got filled up in time! But it was just a funny little memory:P

So, now we go on to the big miracle of this week! We got a referral from some missionaries in the London Mission, down in Watford. And they are GOLDEN! They're a couple of twins, Mark and Chris, and they're 18 years old. We met them on Thursday I think, and they're really cool. They moved out to Whittlesey about a week ago and will be there. They're set to be baptized on the last weekend of my mission!! Crazy huh! :D So that's a really cool miracle. They've pretty much been taught everything, but we're just gonna help them make it there. Exciting times!

Anyways, that's about it really! Hope you all had a great week too and we shall speak to ya in a weeks time. Time is tickin! Ahh!! Cheers:)

Hey everyone! It's Elder Wright here. Had a pretty good week this week! It absolutely flew by. Flipping heck. Anyways, weather cooled down nicely. It was way hot! (For England of course) But then it got nice and cool....and windy:) Which is always fun to have a headwind coming against you on the bikes.....not! Haha Anyways, 

Had some good lessons this week! We are still working with the peeps I talked about last week. They're all progressing step by step. We really want some of these people to commit to coming to church! But hey, John Harvey came to church this week again. And he also gave one of the other missionaries a bike to use which was really nice of him. (Those guys were walking around for the last couple's much easier to do missionary work when ya got bikes, at least in this mission:))

So, to start off this part, I just have to tell you guys our downstairs neighbour is a very interesting man. He's been complaining about missionaries living above him for at least two years because he was complaining when I was here as a greenie. Haha Anyways, it seems to be this guys life goal to torment us. Anyways, one day he was being...well....him, and not gonna lie I had some ill feelings toward him. I just had a bad attitude towards him completely. Well, as we were stopping by people, there was this guy doing his lawn. He was an older guy covered in tats and piercings. First thing he asks us is "Am you immigrants??" (Do we look Middle Eastern or Eastern European?? Haha) He was swearing and I was just thinking "Man, another crazy person! What the heck!" Haha I was honestly thinking it was gonna be our neighbour all over again Anyways, we got talking to him and he is one of the coolest guys ever! He has no belief really because of all the death he's seen in his life. He turned to me and said "Now I bet you've never lost anyone close to you.." Well, actually I have! I was able to share the experience we had as a family growing up and the death of my brother. We shared with him the Plan of Salvation card thing, testified, and the tone of our visit with him totally changed. It was awesome to see really:) The little things like that that happen on a daily basis just never get old to me. You can go through all the rubbish that life throws at ya, but once something good happens it overpowers all the bad.

On Saturday we were able to travel to Rugby for a baptism!:) It's a little 10 year old girl that we were teaching for a while. Her parents wanted it to be her choice entirely which I totally respect. So it was cool to go back there for the baptism! It was also cool to see some of the members again:) But yeah, after that we went with the ZLs to Loughborough to help them out with a service project with a less active member. Road trips baby! Haha It was good fun. 

But yeah, 4 weeks left! Can't believe it's coming so quick. Hope we can have a good week this week and you guys as well. Love ya! Cheers!

Elder Wright

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